RRR-018 GMORK - Ave Nihil

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Russian veteran Black Metaller's 3rd album.
Influenced early era of Norwegian black metal and they are definitely inherited musical style and attitude.
It cooperate released with NitroAtmosfericum records (Russia) and RTM productions (Germany).
Obi, Japanese text of liner notes by Mirai Kawashima(Sigh) for RRR edition. Limited to 200copies.
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Track list
1. Intro
2. Коловращение / The Ever-Turning Wheel
3. Истоки Талой Воды / Melt-Water Sources
4. Весна (Ближе К Корням) / Spring (Closer To The Roots)
5. Манифест Силы / The Power Manifest
6. Бесконечное Увядание / Infinite Withering
7. Последний Корабль / Last Ship
8. Уроборос / Ouroboros(Instrumental)
9. Outro